Android is the leading smartphone OS in India: CMR report

Cybermedia Research (CMR), in its latest report titled, India Mobile Handsets Market Review, 2Q 2012, has shared that from January to June 2012, shipments of mobile handsets were found to be 102.43 million units. The total India shipments of smartphones were found to be 5.50 million units for that period. As per the figures presented by the CMR report, Nokia tops the mobile handset market in India with a market share of 22.2 percent, followed by Samsung at 13 percent, and Micromax at the third position with 5.5 percent.

According to Faisal Kawoosa, Lead Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice, “The first half of CY 2012 was witness to the high-decibel launch of Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X et al. The second half of CY 2012 continues to see launch of a number of high value, aspirational smartphone models such as the Nokia Lumia 910, Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Apple iPhone 5. This push from vendors and the increasing maturity of the India mobile subscriber community is expected to further push up smartphones as a proportion of total mobile handset shipments in the country in the next few quarters.”

With respect to the number of unit shipments during the 6-month period ending on June 2012, the leading smartphone operating systems emerged to be Android with 56.4 percent, Symbian with 17.4 percent, BlackBerry with 12.1 percent, Bada at 8.5 percent, iOS with 3.0 percent and Windows Mobile at 2.6 percent on a base of 5.50 million units.

Feature phones emerged as a popular segment in the country with a 16.9 percent growth rate, while smartphones accorded for 12.2 percent. Among the players in the smartphone segment, Samsung Electronics emerged as a popular choice with 41.6 percent shipments, followed by Nokia at 19.2 percent and RIM with 12.1 percent.

As per latest figures released by research firm IDC, South Korea-based mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung Electronics has shipped more units of smartphones than its rival Apple, in the third quarter of 2012.

Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones, including the Galaxy S III, in the period between July and September, amassing a share of 31.3 percent of the global market. Apple’s sales, in stark comparison, accounted for 15 percent – less than half of Samsung’s. Canada-based, Research in Motion (RIM) with its popular line of smartphones, BlackBerry, is at the third position with a global share of 4.3 percent, while China-based, ZTE came fourth with a global share of 4.2 percent. HTC came fifth with a global share of 4 percent.

This information comes close on the heels of Samsung’s announcement that its July-September net profit nearly doubled to 6.56 trillion won ($5.97 billion) from 3.44 trillion won a year earlier. Samsung added that its revenue for the third quarter jumped 26 percent to 52.2 trillion won. As per reports, Samsung is estimated to have shipped roughly 18 million units of the Galaxy S III in the period, in comparison with the 26.9 million units of the iPhone shipped by Apple.

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