Youth Alleges Credit, Debit Card Fraud

AHMEDABAD: Some online fraudsters celebrated Diwali at the expense of a victim this year. A youth has filed a complaint for cheating, saying that somebody used his credit card and debit card details to shop online. Police have sought the details of the transaction from the service providers.
According to Vastrapur police, Sumit Swapnil, a resident of Jigar Apartment in Bodakdev, filed a complaint that somebody used his credit card to buy goods worth Rs 37,450, and his debit card for goods worth Rs 40,690 from web portals. Both transactions took place between 2.30 pm and 2.45 pm on Tuesday.
M K Rana, inspector of Vastrapur police station, said that in total, Swapnil has filed complaint for cheating of Rs 78,140. “He said that the cards are with him and he had not lost them in the recent past. We are thus working on two theories – either somebody stole his data online when he was conducting transactions himself, or somebody got the details when he swiped his cards physically. We have sought details from the service providers to ascertain the identity of the buyer or get leads,” he said.
City crime branch officials said that cases involving misuse of credit cards has reported a 20% rise from last year. “Sometimes, banks settle cases when security glitches are reported, and thus the numbers may not reflect an exact picture of online crime,” said a senior crime branch official.
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Courtesy : Times of India 

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