Mumbai ATMs Skimmed: How To Protect Yourself From Fraud

According to the report the police have said that a minimum of 36 people have lost money, due to card-skimming at various ATMs in Mumbai. At least six ATMs across the city were compromised as a foreign tourist is supposed to have attached skimmers to these machines. 
These ATMs are located at Shivaji Park, Dadar, Worli, Sahar and Colaba, crowded prime locations in Mumbai. The police have no idea as to how many might have already been defrauded. Scarier part of the news is that they don’t even know how many more ATMs might have been compromised. So the next ATM your visit can be one of these. Read the full Hindustan Times report here. 
What is skimming: Simply put, skimming is when fraudsters get access to your personal or account information from your credit or debit card. This information is stolen from the magnetic strip on the back of your card, this strip has your data stored.
Skimming can happen in two ways: At the ATMs and at restaurants. At the ATMs, fraudsters insert a device to the ATM card slot. So, when you punch your PIN, the device captures the number and also other information stored on the magnetic strip of your card. The data is then wirelessly transferred to the fraudsters who uses the data to make cloned cards and withdraw cash at overseas ATMs, or shop online. At restaurants and shops, the card is swiped on the skimmer (to collect data) and then the card or electronic data capture machine to make a genuine charge. But only employees of the shop or restaurants can do so. Skimming through ATMs is by far more dangerous. 
What you can do: There are a few things you could do to prevent yourself from falling prey to this. First, look closely at the card slots in the ATMs. Ensure that there are no parts jutting out, or any broken pieces, or cracks or any glue like substance around the slot. It’s a good practice to cover the hand while punching your PIN on the key. You can do this even with the other hand. That way, even if a small camera is attached near the card slot, it won’t be able to capture your PIN. Check your account statements to see for any discrepancy in billing. If you won’t do this, you may not even know you have been a victim of such a fraud if the amount taken away is not too big. And finally, if the door of the room where the ATM is situated its broken, simply go to another ATM. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
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