‘Punching Debit Card PIN At Shops May Be Risky’

NAVI MUMBAI: As per the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), effective from December 1. The debit card holders will have to punch in their personal identification number (PIN) every time at Point-of-Sales (PoS) at merchant outlets to minimize frauds.
But many bankers as well as merchants in the city pointed out that this is far from fool-proof and the system has an alleged drawback of lack of privacy.
First, the debit card holders will have to enter the PIN of their ATM cards in the swipe machine and then sign on the transaction slip, for any purchase at any shop.
This may prove to be risky, as thieves may misuse the system by keeping an eye during the swipe, memorize the PIN, clone the card to easily withdraw large sums of cash from any nearby ATM .
But it has been found that none of the merchant outlets in the city have made arrangement for privacy of the customers while punching the ATM PIN while purchasing goods.
Glenn Serrao, the son of a hotel owner in sector 17, Vashi, said, “Debit and credit cards are accepted only on the first floor of our restaurant premises. Around 80% of our regular customers do not mind revealing their PIN to the waiters, who in turn, swipe the cards to pay the bill and issue the payment slip for the customer’s signature. If any customer demands privacy to punch their PIN, then we will surely provide that service.”
Pradeep Kumar, the manager of IDBI bank, Vashi branch said, “Logically, due to lack of privacy at shops, there is a possibility of misuse of the system. Now, to resolve this alleged lacunae in the customer service, our bank will suggest to our product team that the shops need to provide a secluded place for the ATM card swipe machine which should offer adequate privacy for the customer while punching his/her PIN.” The product team will then forward the suggestion to the RBI authorities for corrective measures in the guidelines.
“Anyone who thinks that this system can be misused by miscreants, should come forward with their suggestions on the RBI’s website, as well,” added Kumar.
Susaant Patnaaik (41), an LIC consultant said, “The need for privacy to use one’s debit or even credit card is a must. The swipe machine should be kept separately near the establishment manager’s counter and be hidden by a partition to prevent onlookers from reading the secret digits being punched by the customer. “
Patnaaik also said that the banks have warned their ATM debit card holders not to read out or enter their PIN when someone is standing behind them.
“One must never swipe in front of any onlookers to ensure the safety of their card,” he added.
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Courtesy : Times of India