Cyber crime cell received 1,166 complaints of credit or debit card fraud in 2013

Chandigarh Police cyber crime cell received many complaints about credit and debit cards of the city residents being cloned and used by miscreants for shopping at malls in Delhi, Gurgaon and other states in the year 2013.

The cyber cell received 1,166 complaints in 2013 and 170 in 2012. Of all, 351 complaints were pertaining to credit and debit card frauds.

Most of these complaints pertained to card cloning and many complainants claimed that they had made their last transaction at a fuel station. Cyber crime cell officers claim that after the arrest of Mukul Garg and Ramandeep Kaur, who were allegedly involved in cloning of credit and debit cards, there was a sudden spurt in complaints of card cloning. But, after that, police did not receive any such complaint. Deputy Superintendent of Police cyber crime cell Rajesh Kalia said, “Till about two months after the arrest of the duo, we received complaints on card cloning. The complaints were mostly of incidents which had taken place a few months back. We have not received any complaint of cloning after the arrest of the two accused.”

Of the 351 complaints which were received by the cyber crime cell, three hundred complaints were disposed of. According to the data provided by the cyber crime cell, a First Information Report (FIR) was registered only in five cases. When asked the reason behind the same, DSP Kalia said, “On verification of complaints, sometimes the complainant was not ready to pursue the case, the concerned bank is not cooperative or the addresses provided in the complaints are fake”.

The DSP said, most of the complaints which the cyber cell is receiving these days involves credit or debit card fraud where the complainant had disclosed their account details on internet. “Lately, most of the complaints which we receive are from those who had shopped online due to which their account details got hacked,” he said.

Moreover, the cyber cell has also received 131 complaints of online cheating. Out of these 116 complaints were disposed off and 15 complaints are still under investigation. “Online cheating involves complaints of those who responded to a pop-up ad and revealed their card details. These also involves the mails which claim that you e-mail address was chosen as the winner of some cash prize.” Also, 10 complaints of job and lottery scam each were reported. While all the complaints of lottery scam were disposed off, four complaints of job scam are pending investigation.

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Courtesy : Indian Express