Cyber Criminals Float New Trick To Steal Bank Accounts

JAIPUR: Some gangs of hackers are using a new cyber trick to dupe bank customers of the account details in the city.
Three days after an FIR was registered with the cyber police station by Lokesh Choudhary, a city-based jeweler, who lost who lost Rs 7.50 lakh to one such gang, police officials said several similar victims have surfaced in the recent past.
In their new modus operandi, cyber criminals send fraudulent emails to bank customers and con them into providing their bank account details. Hackers design a fake page of the bank’s original website and host it on a hacked website’s server.
This HTML page’s link is sent to people via email. The hackers posing as an administrative officer of the bank ask people to fill up a form on the website page citing some security reason for the exercise.
The customers believe the genuineness of the email when they see that the design of the website page is exactly similar with the their bank’s original website. Hence they fill up the forms and provided their transaction IDs, passwords, debit and card PIN numbers and other account details.
The form generates an email which is received by the hackers will the details. This information is then used for online transaction from the victim’s account.
The cyber police officials have cautioned people against such emails after some such cases were reported recently.
As the fake page of the bank is hosted on a hacked server, it becomes difficult for the police to reach the criminals.
Deputy SP (cyber crime police station) Rajendra Sharma said that they have received three to four complaints about such emails over the past one month.
He said that a probe has been launched into the fraud case which Lokesh Choudhary filed. “It has come up during the preliminary investigation that a total of 12 online transfers of money were made from Lokesh’s account by cyber criminals after he was duped into providing his account details,” Sharma added.
Sources said that the accounts in which the money was deposited after online transfers are under police scanner.
“The IP addresses of the websites used by the hackers are being investigated. Besides, we have sought some details from the bank also. Further investigation is going on,” the police officer said.
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Courtesy : Times of India