‘Hackers’ To Curb Cyber Crime

RANCHI: Identifying the potential of cyber threat in future warfare, a group of ethical hackers led by cyber buff and founder National Anti-hacking Group (NAG) Vineet Kumar in partnership with Jharkhand police, state Unicef and NGO Citizen foundation launched Cyber Peace Foundation here on Saturday.
The foundation aims at creating awareness about the potential risks involved in handling of internet and internet-based services among commoners and government organizations. With widespread awareness, the group expressed confidence about the introduction of suitable legislation and norms for regulations to safeguard vital installations.
S N Pradhan, additional director general, CID, Jharkhand police, who has been instrumental in the establishment of the country’s first cyber defence research cell (CDRC) in the state said cyber space is a network that integrates government and private organisations as well as individuals throwing the system open to attacks and a concerted effort was necessary to counter attacks.
“Many countries have engaged thousands of hackers just to gate crash into vital information from government installations, which have no practical wall to be protected once they are working on the platform of internet communication,” he said. Further, explaining the potential threat, Vineet said as part of a project taken up by CDRC Jharkhand, as many as one lakh computers, most of them being used by cyber cafes and private individuals were found to be afflicted with ‘botnet’, which is a term used in the cyber world for robotic hackers.
“Since the number of pirated software being used in Jharkhand is quite high, the vulnerability of the computers is also high and they could be easily compromised by hackers to attack on any vital installation within or outside the country,” he said.
While the CDRC received huge number of complains related to credit and debit card fraud, impersonation on social networking sites and webcast of explicit material without consent, the cyber peace foundation expressed concern about bigger threats ahead. “Though we do not have evidence due to limitations of investigation conducted, experts of cyber world are almost confident that the historical failure of northern grid in July 2012 was masterminded by hackers who gained access to the control system,” said Pradhan.
To begin with, the foundation has launched a cyber peace month for which a campaign vehicle was flagged off by Pradhan and state head, Jharkhand Unicef chief Job Zachariah, who joined the drive in consideration of children who fall prey to sexual offence emanating on the virtual platform. “The Prevention of Children from Sexual Offence Act, 2012 mentions punitive clause for exposing children to such contents on the internet and awareness is necessary for effective implementation of the act,” he said.
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Courtesy : Times of India