Improved Technology Increases Vulnerability To Cyber Crime, Cops

Technology has made life easier for all, but this has also increased vulnerability to cyber crime. For instance, with smartphones and easy accessibility of the internet on it, Thane cyber crime cell has seen an increase in cyber crimes.
Cyber crime includes crime done through mobile phones, social networking sites, credit and debit card transaction.
On the condition of anonymity, an officer from cyber cell said, “Though the internet was introduced to minimise time, today many people are misusing it. With young children getting access to smartphones easily, they start surfing various sites and in turn indulge in unlawful activities.”
“Parents should not give mobile phones to kids unless there is some emergency,” he adds.
Specifying the types of crime committed through the internet, he says, “Facebook and bank fraud casea are on the rise. People make fake profile and then lure someone for cash and for other purposes. Crimes through WhatsApp and other software are, however, very less.”
He added, “There was a juvenile boy who used to call on unknown number and when we identified him he accepted watching porn clips on his father’s cell phone. As his father was not tech savvy, he was not aware of what his son was up to. The matter came to light when one day this boy called a random girl and asked her for sexual favours. The girl approached the police and got the boy arrested. He was later sent to remand home.”
Deputy commissioner of police (cyber cell) Sudhakar Pathares said, “The cases have increased in the last three years. By the time we come up with an efficient way of detecting the culprits, they come up with the new a tactic. We are trying to curb such activities, but technology is growing at a faster rate and it is not easy to control them.”
He added, “We have tracked so many cases and are trying to minimise cyber crimes, but with changing technology and new software it’s a challenge. For instance, on WhatsApp allows you to seen when the person was last seen. This helps us detect some cases.”
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