Online Frauds Duped Lucknow Folk Of Rs 1.40 Cr In 2013

LUCKNOW: Residents of the city were duped of close to Rs 1.40 crore last year. The weapons used to rob them were not firearms, daggers, knives, or harmful sprays etc-just glib talk and cunning tactics of some tech-savvy youths did them in.
Armed with technology, gangs exploiting the field of online banking duped about 500 persons in Lucknow last year. The annual figure available with cyber cell at Hazratganj (Rs 1.40 crore) might be just the tip of the iceberg compared to the actual money Lucknowites may have lost. “Many of the persons duped do not come forward to report bank frauds if the amount seems trivial to them,” shares DySP Dinesh Yadav, nodal officer of the cell.
On Tuesday, three complainants walked into the cell within less than two hours to report bank frauds. A PAC head constable was one such who got a call from a ‘bank executive’ on Tuesday morning. In his early 50s, the policeman was not savvy with the new style of fraud and bit the bait when the caller lured him into sharing personal details.
“The caller told him the bank was sending new ATM cards to old customers that will have account holder’s photograph on the card. He had the card number beforehand and asked the policeman for the ATM PIN. The elderly person realised too late his mistake after Rs 10,000 had been withdrawn from his account,” elaborated cyber cell inspector SC Malviya.
The gangs seemed to have turned extremely aggressive in past four months and compared to last year there was a surge of more than 40%. The cell received 470 complainants pertaining to bank fraud in 2013 while in January it got about 70 complaints of online frauds. Two gangs working in the field were busted in past three months but recovering swindled amount is a difficult task.
Miscreants call from various parts of the country and cheated funds are transferred into accounts in different states. The cell have identified hundreds of bank accounts that have got ill-gotten amount to the tune of Rs 80 lakh last year but is unable to do much as the offences have been taking place beyond their jurisdiction.
On receiving a complaint the bank is asked to provide the IP address of the computer or device used to carry out transaction. The internet provider is then asked to provide details of the customer holding the connection and local police is alerted. Most of the times forged IDs are provided to get connection and probes hit dead end there. “Prevention is the best cure in such cases,” sums up Yadav. On an average, complainants lost about Rs 8,000 to Rs 25,000 and in rare cases amounts over Rs 1 lakh were swindled.
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Courtesy : Times of India