‘Cyber Criminals Behind E-extortion’

VADODARA: When you think of cyber crime, you may usually picture a hacker sneaking into networks and installing viruses designed to destroy data and computers. But cyber crime is not just about destroying computers and data for malicious purposes. Instead it is to steal information and data for financial gain.
This is what founder and CEO of Quick Heal Technologies Kailash Katkar said here on Saturday.
Katkar stressed that cyber criminals are not just making money and robbing hard-earned money of victims, their well-networked underground activities are making even the corporate sector victims.
“These cyber criminals work from countries which do not have strong cyber laws and are fully involved in extortion activities. They are constantly finding new ways to make money off innocent people,” said Katkar, a school dropout, who created a Rs 187 crore anti-virus software business with a seed capital of Rs 15,000.
“In fact, our threat research and response team receives over one lakh unique virus samples on a daily basis. Just six months ago, our team used to receive nearly 75,000 unique virus samples and with the passage of time this number is expected to increase,” said Katkar, who in 1985 had taken up a job at a local radio and calculator repair shop to supplement his family’s income.
Talking about the growth of anti-virus software industry in the country, Katkar said last year, the total market was estimated at Rs 800 crore.
“The anti-virus software industry is expected to grow because of the penetration of smart phones. While internet is costly in India and computer penetration is still much lesser compared to the developed nations, penetration of smart phones has increased tremendously. This has led to development of security solutions for mobile devices,” he said.
“Computers have been able to reach to only 10 per cent of our total population against 70 to 80 per cent PC penetration in developed countries. But penetration of smart phones has increased by over 100 per cent,” he said.
‘Americans can be easily hypnotized’
Vadodara: Americans can be easily hypnotized compared to any other population in the world. This is what world’s most experienced hypnotist and world’s first ever hypnotist to appear on television Andrew Newton believes.
“My experience suggests that Americans are the most regimented people on this planet. You can find them standing in queue everywhere and getting all kinds of permits to do small little things,” said Newton adding that in contrast the Australian population is a bit aggressive and difficult to be easily hypnotized.
“The United States government is easily looking into emails and text message of its citizens in the name of freedom, democracy and security threat. This spying has a commercial aspect too as the same data is used for targeted election campaigns,” said Newton, who has hypnotized over 60,000 people worldwide, including many famous names in the United Kingdom and abroad.
Newton, who has over 6,000 stage and television performances under his belt, said that in the UK like in the US, hypnotism has become a massive industry.
“Thirty years ago, there were just 400 hypnotists in the UK. Now, there are over 4,500 hypnotists, including those enrolled with the UK’s national health scheme,” said Newton, a senior lecturer in hypnosis at the Hypnoseakademiet in Norway, Europe’s premier hypnosis and EFT training school.
“The word ‘hypnosis’ has always brought a sense of mystery and magic in our minds, but it is a complete science of the subconscious itself. It can’t cure cancer but it is very useful for dealing with stress or combat insomnia,” he said.
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Courtesy : Times of India