More Than 100% Rise In Cyber Crimes In 2013

Internet, today, has become an inseparable part of our lives. With everything at our fingertips we sometimes forget that we are walking in to the dark world of cyber criminals. It is understood that there would be a rise in cyber crime but when there is a 100 per cent increase in such cases then it becomes a matter of concern.
In 2012, the Mumbai police registered 62 cases, which went up to 169 in 2013. On one hand, people are more aware and would immediately contact the police if they receive any obscene SMSs or emails. But on the other hand, crooks have also found a new way of committing such crimes to earn easy money or to take revenge. If the authorities are to be believed, these are the two reasons for which 95 per cent of the cyber crimes are committed.
According to the statistics provided by the Mumbai police, eight cases of credit card fraud and cheating were registered in 2012. This went up to 32 cases in 2013. Similarly, 12 cases of sending obscene email, SMS or MMS were registered in 2012, which increased to 35 cases in the 2013.
Rakesh Maria, the Mumbai police commissioner said, “We already have a cyber crime police station and cyber crime cell, which comes under the Mumbai crime branch. These two bodies are dedicated in handling only such cases. However, since cyber crime is becoming more and more rampant we will be increasing the strength of the cyber crime investigation team and also provide them training to tackle the latest crimes under this genre.”
Another police official said that cyber criminals, who use the virtual world to make easy money are usually very smart but unfortunately they are using it in the wrong way. On the contrary, those who use it to take revenge are so overpowered by their vindication that they sometimes make the most foolish mistakes and get caught. “These people are usually the ones who have no other way of removing their frustration and use the Internet to feel powerful,” said an officer attached with the cyber crime cell.
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