Inclusion Of Cyber Security In Poll Manifesto Demanded

NAGPUR: We are living as much in the physical world as in the virtual one today. So much so that social networking sites and digital advertisements are being used as means to campaign for elections. Against this backdrop, city-based NGO Cyber Awareness Organisation (CAO) has appealed to parties to include cyber security in their political mandate.
The organization points out that the world is migrating from physical to digital form and in this transition phase there are numerous threats, vulnerabilities that are compromising netizens’ security. They say the purpose of this appeal is to make an effort towards a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, businesses and the government in future.
“Unbelievably, high amounts of money are lost due to cyber crimes, only 10% of which are reported. In the upcoming festival of democracy, all political parties will try and lure voters, especially, the first timer who are techno savvy youngsters. Security in the digital world will be an important issue for them,” said cyber law expert and president CAO Mahendra Limaye.
Providing this security would entail protection of information in cyberspace, reducing vulnerabilities, building capabilities to prevent and respond to cyber threats and minimizing damage from cyber incidents through a combination of institutional structures, user awareness, process and technology enhancement and coordination among all stake holders, he added. He also insisted that there must be emphasis on training of law enforcement agencies regarding understanding importance of cyber security as a national priority and cyber crime investigation.
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Courtesy : Times of India