To Battle Cyber Crime, Be Smarter Than Technology

Information Technology is the driving force of almost all industry. Global markets and business are dependent on this huge and vast world of unseen intelligent radio waves which is practically running our lives today.
Think about those times when there was hardly anything called the internet, networking, mobile, Wi-Fi, GPS, GPRS, Cloud etc a whole new world around us so called virtual real world, in a nutshell IT has given a all new meaning to this global civilization.
Today no more distances matters neither time, with the ever growing technology the focus is getting sharper and clearer, we are one world, every one of us is under one roof, we are connected now.
Discovery of any new earth shattering innovations brings certain disturbances too. We the intelligent minds who thrive and drive our lives today primarily on technology are we safe enough? Do we really always thank this unseen intelligent friend or sometimes this friend gives us real problems?
Yes it does, with the ever increasing tools of communication we get more and more vulnerable to access, today saying hi to someone at north pole is as simple as knocking your next door neighbor. World today is enjoying the advancement of IT but along with that is also facing a battle against piracy and duplicity or rather cyber crime.
Countries across the world are setting up cyber laws to check crime but how effective are these laws are? Or is the thief smarter than the law?
We need to realize and counter this new wave of crime through the unseen radio waves, with the ever growing technology we are doomed to face new challenges but to balance a smart technology you have to be smarter.
Crime Files brings to light the growing online lottery frauds which is getting visible day by day with increase in cases registered. On a normal mail box you will find thousand of offers including strange messages like Mr XYZ have left fifty million dollars to be transferred to your account as a beneficiary or you have won ten million dollar on a random draw by some company.
This same format is also used via mobile SMSs Such messages might not work or may not be able to fool people at large but, yes still there are people from small town who get trapped in this net or racket of cheaters and land up paying money in the name of huge gift.
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