Two More Become Victims Of Online Fraud

SURAT: Unidentified miscreants withdrew Rs 74,701 from the bank accounts of two account holders in the city. A man called an account holder and introduced himself as an officer of the bank.
He sought debit card details from the account holder. He said if the account holder refused to divulge the details to him, then he would block his debit card. The caller collected the debit card number, its CVV number and PIN also. The unidentified miscreant then withdrew Rs 24,000 from the account of Vali Shaikh, 32. The victim, a resident of Limbayat, had received the call from mobile number 08809005567 on April 1.
When Shaikh came to know about the theft, he contacted the State Bank of India branch near Udhna Cross Road. However, the bank officials expressed their helplessness. Finally, he lodged a police complaint on Friday.
A Limbayat resident Arif Mohammad (22) lost Rs 50,701 when someone withdrew the amount from his account with Bank of Baroda. Arif had received a similar call on March 21 from mobile number 07767811244. The caller sought his debit card details. Arif shared his details with the miscreant who then withdrew the amount from his account. In the past few days, six incidents of theft by miscreants using the debit card details of unsuspecting victims have been reported from the city.
Police so far have been unable to track the callers, who are members of an organized group, despite having their numbers, sources said.
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Courtesy : Times of India