Anger In Cyberspace Lands Youths In Net

CHENNAI: More youngsters in the city seem to be using social networking sites to vent their anger – and a lot of them are landing in the police net. In the past three months, more than 15 complaints of youths posting obscene pictures of girls on such sites have been received by the cyber crime wing of the city police. At least half of them have been let off after a warning.
An investigating officer said most accused didn’t admit their fault until proved guilty. “Most of them are well educated and have enough knowledge about the cyber world.”
On an average, the cyber crime wing receives at least 15 complaints a week, five to six of which are related to offensive material on social networking sites. “We have a team to handle the large number of complaints forwarded by the deputy commissioner of police, central crime branch,” the officer said.
Most of the accused say they posted obscene pictures to take revenge against girls who spurn their advances. Many of them, police said, superimpose the picture of a particular girl on to that of a nude model and post it on the sites. They also provide her phone number. The girl becomes aware of this after receiving calls from strange men. A compare of a private TV channel recently complained that her picture had been morphed and uploaded on a social networking site.
“We nabbed the offender who turned out to be a technician working for the same television channel. The girl withdrew her complaint and requested us to let the boy go after a meeting with his parents,” a police officer said.
According to statistics, CCB police registered just five cases against people uploading obscene pictures on social networking sites in 2013 despite receiving more than 35 complaints. Most of the complaints are withdrawn after some time as the complainant is reluctant to pursue it further.
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Courtesy : Times of India