5 Key Reasons Behind Your Credit Card Denial

BANGALORE: Sir/Madam your card got declined after swiping! Have you ever faced such situation in your life? It’s actually embarrassing even when you think about such situations. Reaching or exceeding your limit is one of the most common explanations as to why your credit card would be declined but it’s by no means the only reason. Listed below are some other, lesser-known reasons why your credit card could be declined.
1. Exceeding your card limit: One reason that your card got declined is you have exceeded your credit card limit. In simple words if you continue to make charges once you have hit the maximum amount your credit card company will allow you to borrow. To avoid such situations the best way is, when you reach the limit, pay down your balance or request you issuer an increase to your credit limit. There are few credit cards those have per-day spending limits. Thus before making any purchases always check how close you are to your limit by checking your account online or calling the number on the back of your card.
2. If you have suspicious charges: If the credit card company suspects any fraud then they can quickly freeze your credit card. This move from a credit card company will actually work in your favor if you are a victim of identity theft. But it can also happen if your own credit activity has created a security risk for instance shopping in an unusual place, doing too much of transactions in one day, making a very large purchase or trying to withdraw a lot of money from an ATM. To avoid all the confusion the best way is to call your card company and find out why there is a security problem. By doing this if there is fraud then you can stop it quickly or if you have made the charges, you might be able to resolve the issue by simply answering a few questions from the card company.
3. Holds on your account: There are chances that before you return a rented car or check out of a hotel room the traveling, hotels and rental car companies might place a temporary hold on your account. The hold can be for a costlier amount than your eventual charge, possibly eating up your available credit if your card is highly utilized. In simple words the hold ensures that the company gets the amount of money it needs from your use of its services and prevents you from spending beyond your credit limit. Thus while making reservations in such huge hotels do a thorough check with your credit card issuers.
4. Your card got expired: If you are not regularly using your credit card or not purchasing much online where you need to put your card’s expiry date then it is difficult for you to realize its expiry date. Often the credit card companies send their customers with new credit card when the old one expires. Thus it is better to check out all the mails even if it looks like junk. If your card is outdated then the merchants in both the store and online will not accept your card. Not being able to buy something is a pain, but simply placing a call to your credit card company could bring you a new one in about a week’s time.
5. Your personal information is outdated: Most of the merchants may require you to enter your zip code while using your credit card. By entering the wrong information can cause a rejection when you attempt to pay. To prevent such rejections, login to your account and make any necessary changes. Then proceed to swipe with confidence, knowing all your details are up-to-date. By putting in the wrong information your card will be declined. Always make sure that the card company has your current billing address and telephone number. If you move to a new place, then try to update your new address and contact number on the bank’s website as soon as possible.
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