Survey: 70% Mums Unable To Keep Tab On Net-savvy Kids

If your child is reporting increasing instances of cyber bullying and cyber identity theft or you are concerned about his or her excessive use of internet considering exams are round the corner, Internet for Kids launched by Focus Kids is the answer to your worries.
Online sessions have been conducted for 10 English medium schools in Mumbai over the past two weeks, reaching out to over 1,000 students.
In order to understand internet usage patterns among children and acceptance levels from mothers, Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) conducted a survey across four cities (Chandigarh, Mumbai, Nagpur and Bangalore) before launching this initiative.
Findings revealed that 89% of mothers feel their children used internet more to play games than for doing homework or research. Google, Cartoon Network and Facebook were found to be the most frequently-visited sites.
The survey also revealed that nearly half of the mothers surveyed preferred their children to not chat or make friends online and 70% said they don’t get the time to check their child’s internet habits.
Qualitative excerpts from the study stated that mothers feel children have too many options available these days and then there is the pressure to excel in all fields. “Despite the fact that mothers are concerned about their child’s friend circle, they are scared about their virtual friends.”
The mothers, according to the survey, also have concerns about their child’s eating habits and health with increasing instances of children becoming fat and lazy after spending most of their time on computer.
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