Stay Alert Against Cyber Crime

For, the internet itself is very complex. It is used for critical activities and cyber attackers are not easy to be identified.
Cyber crime is becoming rampant across the world, according to experts. Delivering a public lecture at Dayananda Sagar Institutions in Kumaraswamy Layout, Benoit Morel, professor in Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, said: “ There are many types of cyber crimes but only a few come to light. Most cyber crimes do not get revealed. Cyber crime is increasing even as people are becoming more dependent on the internet. Internet users can be targeted through a cross-site request forgery (CSRF). They can also lose money while using their smart cards. But they will never know what happened.”
“Should cyber crimes be treated as a threat to the society or as a mere nuisance?” Morel asked and added: “There are a few reasons why cyber security is such a complex threat. The internet itself is very complex. It is used for critical activities and cyber attackers are not easy to be identified.”
“The computers are complex objects and the attackers have a tremendous strategic advantage over the victims. Internet involves 150,000 miles of transmission lines and 130 overlapping grid controllers and is used by a variety of sectors, including hospitals, railways, homes, banks and telecoms,” he added.
“It is not that internet users are not aware of the threat. They are very much aware of the threat but they do not understand the threat. The attraction of the internet is also irresistible,” Morel said.
“At present, cyber espionage is endemic and malware is ubiquitous. Banks lose money electronically than they claim and credit card numbers are regularly stolen,” he said.
“Security is added at the end on the basis of vulnerability assessment. This is a major reason for the rise in cyber crime. Security should be part of the original design,” Morel said.
“Cyber criminals are making money by renting botnets. They invent scams, sell drugs illegally, pilfer money from banks and buy malware,” he said.
“Individual users should be alert. This is what we can do to avoid being victims of cyber crime,” he said. Others who spoke stressed on the need for strengthening cyber security.
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