Youth Appealed To Stay Away From Cyber-crime

AURANGABAD: In an attempt to curb the rising incidents of sexual harassment, the Vishakha Committee at Milind Science College has organised a workshop on Wednesday for sensitising youth towards gender issues. The programme, was primarily aimed at addressing gender sensitisation and women’s development issues.
“To create awareness about the Supreme Court guidelines on Vishakha judgement, the Milind Science College organised a workshop under the aegis of People’s Education Society, Mumbai. We are emphasising on sensitization as well as awareness programmes,” said Milnd Science College Vishakha Committee co-ordinator Bharati Bhandekar.
While briefing about the amendments to law in case of Juvenile Justice Act, Archana Kotapalle, lecturer at Miling Law College, said, “A draft bill amending the Juvenile Justice Act has been approved by the law ministry recently, which says those above 16 years of age will be considered ?adults’ when they are accused of rape or equally severe crimes.”
She added, “Gender sensitisation and women’s development primarily aims at addressing contemporary socio-economic issues? Education plays a very important role in this, with institutions playing a bigger role.”
Kotappalle also guided students on ethical use of internet and how to prevent from being a part of cyber crimes. “Students should stay away from calls for online transactions, sites calling for ATM passwords and also pornography sites. The youngsters need to be cautious in posting pictures and other details on the net, besides using the social media? They should be aware that anything done for fun could translate into a crime.”
Bhandekar warned the male students that eve-teasing, clicking pictures of girls on mobile phones and sending messages to them on their cell phones are considered as cyber crimes, which can destroy their future.
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Courtesy: Times of India