Cyber Crime Cases On Rise In U’khand

DEHRADUN: Uttarakhand has seen an increase in cyber-crime, as social networking sites and e-mail are used by criminals to outsmart police. While state police has been successful in cracking some cases, boundary barriers between states and the complex networking of criminals has made things harder for the men-in-khaki. 
Besides the police teams in 13 districts of the state, cases of cyber-crime are being referred to Special Task Force (STF), which at present has 32 members in its team. Twenty-one cases of cyber-crime were brought before STF in 2012, 57 in 2013 and in the first eight months of 2014 the number has crossed 58. 
While STF has been quick to crack some cases, others have proved a tough challenge due to technical aspects. In December 2013, Chief Secretary Subhash Kumar had received a threat mail to disrupt the law and order situation on January 26, 2014. “Acting swiftly on the matter, we held a detailed probe and within four days caught hold of the person who had send the mail from Kashipur,” SSP STF Senthil Adovai K Raj S told TOI. 
However, cases like duping a woman of Rs 1.30 crore after coming in contact with through Facebook, still remain a challenge for the probing team. “Trans-national jurisdiction are a major issue in cases of cyber-crime and it takes lot of time to solve such matters,” he added. 
A major achievement for the police and STF team was the shootout incident outside Roorkee jail, in which three persons were killed and six injured. Highly placed sources in police department said that the conspiracy of the crime was hatched inside the jail premises by using high-end mobile handsets. “The case was worked out after collecting a lot of details passed through mobile phone,” the source added. 
Meanwhile, Senthil said that cases of contacting people through social networking websites, mobile phones and emails were on the rise. “People sitting in different parts of the country or even abroad contact a targeted person and try to become friends. After which the attempt is to extract as much money as possible from the targeted person,” he said, adding, that it has been often seen that criminals are from one city, the target is from another city and the money is withdrawn from an ATM of the third city. 
In view of the rise in cyber-crime cases, police department on February 17, 2014 has moved a proposal to the state government to upgrade the STF office as a full-fledged police station with thrust on cyber crime. 
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Courtesy: Times of India