Cyber Criminals Target Hyderabad Phones

Hyderabad is fast becoming a favourite destination for mobile malware after Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Chennai and New Delhi. With the numbers of smartphones skyrocketing and data usage expanding by the day, cyber criminals are attacking mobile phones.
Experts from the city said it is very important to update a computer or smartphone’s software regularly. They claim that many email spam messages enable access to one’s confidential information that is used by hackers without the owner’s knowledge.
“We have sometimes tried to test the strength of security, and trust me it is a cakewalk. People, whenever they get notifications for software update, must take it seriously and keep their devices updated,” said a hacker.
In the latest F Secure Lab’s Threat Report H 1 2014, India is said to be the fourth most affected country across the world in mobile malware. Between April and June 2014, 295 new threat families were discovered, of which 294 were detected on Android and one on iOS.
Moreover, mobile ransomeware is going to be the next big threat to handsets. These ransomeware are also targeting enterprises. Ramsomware, a kind of malicious software, is designed to block access to a computer until a certain sum of money is paid.
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Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle