Kharghar man’s credit card hacked, Rs 20,000 spent

NAVI MUMBAI: A 43-year-old commercial head of a cement major, Surendra Kumar Jain, woke up at 3am on Thursday to a flurry of messages on his phone.

The texts were alerts that his credit card was being used to recharge phones, pay mobile bills and other similar activities. Jain instantly realized that none of these transactions were his and his card had been hacked. He blocked his card but not before the fraudster had spent close to Rs 20,000.

“The transactions were done online by cloning my credit card, though the card was with me. The maximum credit limit is Rs 55,000. The fraudster attempted 43 transactions but only 18 went through,” said Jain.

Cyber crime cell head Pratibha Shendge said this was a different kind of fraud. “Usually, fraudsters clone credit cards for withdrawing cash from ATMs. In this case, his account was hacked and the unidentified accused got their hands on the CVV number and even the high-security 3D Secure PIN,” she said.

Shendge added that the accused cleverly executed the transaction after midnight as the victim would be asleep. “We have spoken to the bank and are investigating whether any employee is involved in the crime,” she said.

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Courtesy: Times Of  India