Tracking errors in your credit report

Once you track erroneous information on your credit report, contact your credit bureau for more information. CIBIL score uses the informations on credit report to analyse the credit score. Having inaccuracy/missing information on your credit report can affect your credit score.
As a consumer, once you pay for the credit report you are entitled to receive a copy of your cibil report.  Your CIBIL report contains all the information in your file (lending transactions) at the time of your request.
If you want to know more about your credit score you can contact the credit report agency who made your report and also the lenders (banks/NBFC) that provided you all the details. In your credit report also have all information about how to describe inaccurate or incomplete information.

A credit report’s copy shall include information about disputing Inaccuracy / Incomplete information in your report.

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