Facts of Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection comes in many different forms. The first step in protecting yourself is to understand a few basic facts about identity theft.

Identity theft protection services can help you monitor your account. It can remove your name from the marketing mailing lists and you shall be alerted for this. Its valuable and a time saver for many to pay a credit health company to keep track of customer’s financial health (accounts), credit reports and their personal information. Others opt out to do this in their own time.

Facts of Identity Theft:

a) Protecting your personal Information

b) Having paper shredder can help safeguard your identity (personal information) and pre-approved credit offers in wrong hands.

According to reports, Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes across India. Assuming your entire identity is the not the only way identity theft might occur. Someone using your PAN information or address or in cases a credit card or doing transactions on your behalf without your permission is Identity theft.

The Credit monitoring program will give you a credit score which is useful and can be availed from CIBIL, Equifax or Experian. CIBIL report is most preferred across India by banks and customers

Identity theft protection shall give you a cover wherein you can secure your line of credit for any loss occurred due to misuse of your identity against your permission.

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