Cyber Crime can lead to Identity Theft

A Cyber crime is an Computer Networking Attack (CAN) wherein a computer can be targeted for pulling out vital information. Traditional internet crimes like identity theft, hate crimes & internet fraud and also credit card frauds are considered as cyber crime. People commit illegal activities through access to vital information of computer and the internet.

Cyber-crime is also called Identity Theft wherein cyber criminals use someone else’s personal information to do transactions or represent someone which is illegal according to law. Although, Internet has been a boon for all of us and made our lives much easier but it’s unfortunate that some people use this to take advantage of others.

There is no awareness even in the Indian Judicial System to give any type of definition as to what ‘Cyber Crime’ stands for and it doesn’t even include any penal code for the same. The attacks that happen over the network are of wide ranges starting from illegal transactions on your bank account or representing you without your approval, there are ways of improving your computer’s safety and security measures.

You can distinguish Cyber Crimes in the following ways:

1) When your computer becomes the target its termed as either Virus Attack or a computer hack.

2) Cyber Terrorism can include credit card frauds, identity theft where your computer is used as a machinery to spread violence or do illegal transactions.

The 20th century was an internet boon and the world was open to everyone having an internet connection but it also has its cons. Cyber Crime presents risks when you use the network without any proper security. Big corporates today are getting themselves secured to avoid any Cyber attack as they have to protect their corporate credit health and they have a lot at risk compared to individuals.

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