Steps to check your Credit Score

Credit Score represents the progressing status of your lending amount accounts over a period of time. Experian, Equifax and CIBIL are some of the credit report agencies that provide you a credit score. It ranges from 300-900(CIBIL). Having a higher score means there is less risk for the lender. The Credit Score/Credit Rating can vastly impact the interests you pay for loans, insurance or mortgages.

Having an idea of your credit score is vital before you plan to get a new credit card or a loan. The lenders understand your Creditworthiness by your credit score. CIBIL score or credit score is the notation used mostly to represent the score.

Here are the steps:

1) Call or log on to sites of credit reporting agencies (like Credit Sudhaar). You can also visit CIBIL.

2) Fill in the details on the free credit score form.

3) Upload all the require details/documents.

4) Some Agencies charge a minimum for acomprehensive credit report.

Once you get your credit score, make sure you repay/close any lending accounts that are still pending. Build yourself a credit healthy future by analyzing your credit score and relying on a good credit agency.

Credit Sudhaar is India’s first Credit Health management & improvement company whose goal is to help clients to Restore, Enhance and Protect their Credit and make them credit healthy.