Credit Card Fraud – How can you protect yourself from Identity Theft?

If you are one of those people who are unaware about credit card fraud risks, you should consider yourself lucky that you are not one of the victims of credit card fraud. Credit card fraud can be defined as the activity when someone obtains your credit card details and uses them to make purchases in your name over the phone or on the internet.

You should always keep and use your credit card with utmost care. Also you should always check your credit card statement carefully for every month to identify the charges of purchases that were not made by you.

Credit card frauds mostly occur when your credit card has been stolen or lost or if you have made purchases through unsecured on-line websites. It is also important for you to report these matters to your credit card company if any such things happen.

Here is how you can protect yourself from Credit card fraud:

• Ignore pre-approved credit card offers.

• Keep all your documents containing your personal information with utmost care.

• Try to use cash for purchases wherever possible. You would not exchange any personal information by using cash while making purchases.

• Beware of your surroundings while using your PIN at ATM’s while withdrawing cash or using your debit card at stores.

• Placing fraud alerts on your credit reports is a good way to reduce identity theft risk.

• Use only secure payment gateways to make purchases on the internet.

There are umpteen ways in which a Credit Card Fraud can happen, from low tech dumpster driving to high tech hacking.

Applying the above mentioned tips in your daily routine can help you protect your identity and managing your credit effectively.

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