What does your CIBIL Report Contain

In India a very few people know about CIBIL. CIBIL maintains all the data regarding any credit taken by any individual in his entire life cycle. It provides a report known as credit report which contains all the detail regarding all the accounts taken by the individual. This report is very important because it shows our past, future and present of credit history.

All banks refer to credit score of every loan applicant as part of due diligence process. It is an important step in loan due diligence process as it gives a fair idea of the credit-worthiness of every individual. In very simple terms – CIBIL Score determines the probability of a default of a customer. A high CIBIL credit score demonstrates financial discipline and a lower likelihood of default.

Credit Information Report (CIR) contains the basic information about your credit history and any other financial related information that is available from CIBIL.

Personal information: Your name and details of ID proofs are shown here. Your PAN, Passport, Drivers License, Voter ID etc. appear in this section.

Contact information: Your recent address, phone number and email address given by you to the banks and lenders will be shown here. The address category tells whether it is permanent or temporary and official or residential.

Employment information: This section shows your occupation and income. The most recent information as provided by the lender for a particular credit account will be shown here.

Account information: This is the most important section of the report, which shows the details of your existing loans and other credit facilities. Along with this, the details such as name of the lender, types of credit facility, account number, account type and type of the ownership will be given here.