How errors can ruin your credit report

Want to correct the errors in CIBIL Report and remove your name from CIBIL? Firstly let’s understand the type of errors that can be on your CIBIL report. Before that, the first thing you need to do, get your CIBIL Report.

Banks and financial institutes keep updating CIBIL about your credit behaviour on monthly basis. So, at the time of entering some data, there can be some human error which can occur. Even though these are human mistakes, still they are responsible and correctly blamed by a lot of complaints

Remember that each of these little things is very important and different banks have different criteria and weight age on a particular thing. So getting each thing right is very important for your future loans. Make sure you have all of them corrected.

At times you will see things which do not belong to you, it comes into the category of “human error” or actually it might be on your name, just that you are not aware of it, this might happen if your documents are misused by some other person. This happens and has happened with lot of people. So take this seriously. Note that you might not see a recent update in your CIBIL report if you have applied for a CIBIL report within 45 days of a transaction. It takes time to update it in CIBIL report.

Once the loan provider confirms that there is an error, it will provide CIBIL with corrected data. CIBIL then updates the data and informs you as appropriate. Always remember, it is the duty of CIBIL to help you resolve your request.

Please remember that CIBIL score does not make changes to any information on its own. It is only a custodian of information received from credit institutions. CIBIL is permitted to make changes to your credit information only when it is confirmed by the relevant loan providers.