5 Ways To Save Money in Minutes with Credit Cards

Eyes go wide as soon as we see a title which says save money! Saving money is a big task today. Earlier people operated with the mentality of spending less than the requirements and saving more. But today, the youth thinks differently. Living in “now” has become the agenda. Future will be taken care of is what the majority thinks. Also, with the various credit options available, there is some negligence over savings. Also, the availability of the credits have been a soothing thing. Short term and long term credits are available at minimum interest rates. The credit providers come with such interesting schemes which would also make it attractive to go for it! If in all this if one comes to know that for saving the money you don’t have to do any extra effort and your spendings would help you save a big bucks! Wow, what more would one require?

Let’s see how can this be achieved. When we talk about credit cards, there are various options that are available in market which helps you not only save money on what you spend but also earn few bucks! How is that possible? There are various opinions and offers which credit card issuer gives us! We will look at most common and easily available options.

  1. Reward Points

There are so many credit card schemes where you are rewarded with the the points. On each spending of 100 Rs, few points are added to your card. And it then works in multiples. If you are a frequent credit card user, you must go through this types of cards. By spending your usuals, you can collect reward points and then each point has some value which will then turn as money when you go through the reward point shopping!

  1. Dining offers

There are various banks which offers dining discounts on cards. They have multiple partnered restaurants where you can avail discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. If you are regular diner, this will also help in saving great amount! Suppose you go to restaurants which offers 30% discounts, technically your 4th dinner will be free!

  1. Travel Free

There are jet mile cards where in with every swipe you are eligible to get a few miles. The more you swipe that card and book travel tickets via those cards, few miles gets added in the card. And you can swipe that against your travel tickets which would deduct those many miles from it! You swipe the card in your daily needs, and the travel cost then is free so you save extra!

  1. Sign-up bonus

Many credit cards have sign-up bonus! Where if you sign-up, there would be 1000 or 2000 or sometimes even more points would be gifted to you. These can be used when you go to shop or book tickets for entertainment or you go shopping online, these can be used. So you can save even there. But, this will not mean that you keep on signing significantly for different cards. While the CIBIL score check, your behaviour is always monitored and this can be a mark down for the same.

  1. Pay on Time!

There a few banks who offers few extra points if you make your payment of your credit card usage on or before the dew date! The more organized and responsible you are towards the payment, you can avail better points. And as all other offers, more the points more the bonus!

All these are amazing ways how you can save money by using your credit card! But, be vigilant enough in using. Never over do, stay steady and use only that much which you can reply!