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How does closing a credit card account affect your CIBIL score

With multiple banks offering variety of credit cards to suite various needs of an individual, having multiple cards is not uncommon.

But managing multiple cards effectively becomes a challenge and many a times the card holder gets lured by various marketing initiatives and over spends on the credit cards. In case you are one of such card holders and are planning to cancel your cards, please consider the following prior to taking a step in this direction.

Credit card is one of those credit instruments that gives you access to funding at any point of time. The flexibility that the card extends does not only adds to comfort but more importantly has a lot of positive bearing on one’s score if utilized properly.


Closing down credit card accounts while prevents one from over exposure to credit, and one should evaluate this option but it is important to be careful while closing your account, since it can affect your cibil score.

Since the credit score is an outcome of the way one utilizes his credit, a credit card becomes an important instrument in impacting the score. Repayment patterns and length of credit accounts grossly impact the credit scores of an individual. All other loan accounts get paid off over a period of time. A personal loan for example, has an average shelf life of about 3 years, an auto loan also on an average get paid off in about 3 years. Even a housing loan, that generally is taken with a repayment period of 20 years also get closed by paying complete outstanding amount in about 12 years. While on other hand, a credit card continues to exist for a very long time, and thus continue to impact the credit health of card holder positively.

Also, this is the only instrument where a person can hold multiple accounts with ease without having to worry about fixed monthly payments. Thus it is advisable that a person should rather having the cards cancelled, continues to hold them. He can choose not to use them regularly and for day to day purchases. But can use them once in a while to keep his credit health active and positive.


What a good credit score can do for you?

Now that we have talked enough about what is a credit score, why credit score is important and how credit score can help us. Now the main question is what should be a good credit score?

Starting from the beginning, a credit score is a three digit numerical figure which is derived from your data-rick credit report. It is a critical factor for lenders to determine your creditworthiness for a loan, credit card or any other credit.

Credit score ranges from 0 to 999 for all the bureaus. The major three credit bureaus in India are CIBIL, Equifax and Experian. The banks and financial provide the information to these bureaus and these bureaus based on the data provided by the banks and financial institutions provide the credit report to them. Basically credit score is a snapshot of the credit report of that individual.

Talking about a good credit score, a score more than 750 is considered to be a good credit score. Individual having a good credit score find it really easy to get approval for loans and credit card. While people with credit score less than 750 struggle to get approval for loans and credit cards instantly.

Below are some questions that are important to know about credit score:

How is credit scores generated?

Credit score are generated based on the factors such as payments histories, debt level, types of credit and length of credit accounts which are pulled out for their credit report. These factors will determine if the consumers will pay their dues on time or not. So, a credit score summarizes the information in your credit report, which makes it easier and faster for a lender to process a loan application and make a determination.

Benefits of good credit score? 

A good credit score will help you to take credit for a car or a home or get a credit card at a comparatively lower rate of interest. This means that you will have to pay less money towards interest.

Ultimately having a good credit score will only benefit you and having a poor credit score will only damage your credit profile.

Cleaning your credit report is a lengthy process

Credit repair is a process which helps in eliminating problematic factors from your credit report. This will help your credit report to be error free. This will hence make you creditworthy.

A person’s credit report is generally known as his credit file. The credit file contains the overall history of the credits taken by him in his entire life span. It provides information regarding number of accounts, late payments, overdue accounts, and also accounts that have been written off.

It is generally said that “Making mistakes is easy but correcting the same is a difficult task.” The same applies in case of your credit file. Mistakes such as making late payments, having overdue accounts etc. will make a negative mark on your credit report, but to remove the same mistakes from your credit report and making the report clean is a difficult task and will take time.

There can be instances that some accounts can be reported in your name which you have never applied for. These types of errors can have a negative impact on your credit report and will lead your credit score to sink.

Once you identify the errors in your report and you remove those errors from your report you will notice that your score has not increased. If you have an active trade line, then your score will increase, if not your score will remain the same.

So it is important that you have an active trade line to increase your score. Only removing errors and cleaning your credit report will not improve your score. There are also other factors that will improve your score for example having different types of credit, paying dues on time, and many more factors.

Checking your credit report frequently will help you identify errors in your report and will help you to identify factors that will improve your score.

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